Deli Board Opening an Actual Sandwich Shop in SoMa


A honkin’ pastrami sandwich from Deli Board. Photo: ©

SoMa workers have been lining up for sandwiches from ~DELI BOARD~ on Howard Street for months (it’s like they’re giving away sandwiches or something). But what’s funny is the line is at the door of their catering kitchen, and not an actual sandwich shop. Well, not for long. Come late August/early September, Deli Board will be opening a sandwich shop (and their catering kitchen) in the space next door to Fondue Cowboy (the space was supposed to house Dolce Italia, an Italian cookie company). There will be around 25-30 seats, and they’ll be serving breakfast sandwiches and burritos in the morning, plus their trademark delicious sandwiches, homemade soups, and salads as well. There will also be some special bagels coming in from New York, and meat lovers will be able to order meats by the pound. Yeah, hot deli action! What’s funny is owner Adam Mesnick is from Cleveland, and the deli overlooks Cleveland alley. Fate, it is. 1058 Folsom St. at Cleveland.