Exclusive: Check Out the Menu for Kusakabe, Opening Very Soon


Mitsunori Kusakabe (while at Sushi Ran). Flickr photo by Gina Collecchia/The Intrepid Traveler.

Things are getting close for ~KUSAKABE~, the new sushi restaurant opening with Mitsunori “Nori” Kusakabe at the helm (you can see our previous post here). The intimate 31-seat space will be focused on serving sushi in a kaiseki style, based on seasonality and harmony. This multicourse format has its roots in the Japanese tea ceremony, and is created around goshoku, gomi, gokan, gohou (“five colors, five tastes, five senses, five methods”). The color palette is white, purple, yellow, red, and green; the tastes include sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and spicy; you all know the five senses; and the five cooking methods include raw, roasting, boiling, frying, and simmering. The menu will be primarily focused on sushi, but as you can see with the five cooking methods, there will be other types of dishes as well. Again, it will also change often with the seasons.

Another thing to note is that chef Nori will be highlighting different styles of sushi, and not just the more widely known Edomae (Tokyo) style—he will reportedly be showcasing some more ancient styles as well.

We were able to secure a draft copy of the omakase menu (please note the dishes are subject to change, depending upon ingredient availability), and there is also going to an à la carte menu guests can order from as a supplement to the omakase menu (ikura, I am looking at you!). Also worth noting: dessert is not included in omakase.

We also have a draft of the wine, beer, and sake list, although prices on it will be finalized shortly.

While the team can’t release an opening date just yet (inspections pending), we will have more details for you on the space and the official opening date next week—although you can make reservations for May 24th and onward now. Open Tue-Sun 5pm-10pm. 584 Washington St. at Columbus.