Explore: Top Bar at Sightglass


Top Bar at Sightglass. Photo: © tablehopper.com.

Want to geek out on coffee? (Don’t make me revoke your San Franciscan card.) The latest addition at ~SIGHTGLASS COFFEE~, called Top Bar, will be your new caffeinated playground. Head to the mezzanine upstairs and you’ll find a microbar in the back, where you can grab a seat and let the geekery begin. The offerings are different from the main bar downstairs: a variety of brewing methods (like V60 and Aeropress) and single-origin espresso are all available.

The focus will change each month, with opportunities to taste limited microlots. Barista Tayler Mehit (who is at Top Bar on the weekends) walked me through the menu. This month, you can try Sidama Boltuma from Ethiopia as a single-origin espresso—which makes up 30 percent of the Owl’s Howl blend (if you drink Sightglass’s espresso regularly, you’ll note how it makes the spicy backbone of Owl’s Howl). I was also able to taste my first Aeropress coffee—Finca la Planada from Colombia—which I was calling the tropical smoothie, and the deep Victor Mendez ML from Ecuador as V60. You can taste individual coffees for $4, or do one of the pairings (two for $7).

Questions are encouraged, from brewing technique to the effects of climate change on coffee. I was really into being able to sit and taste the different coffees through comparison—it’s much easier to train your palate to note what makes them unique. Check it out daily from 10am-4pm. 270 7th St. at Folsom, 415-861-1313.

Oh, and it’s worth noting Sightglass’s new project in the Mission is at least three months out, FYI! 3000 20th St. at Florida.