Local Mission Market Now Open on 24th Street in the Mission


The exterior of Local Mission Market. Photo courtesy of Laiko Bahrs.

The chaps behind ~LOCAL MISSION EATERY~ and ~LOCAL’S CORNER~, Jake Des Voignes and Yaron Milgrom, have opened their latest venture, ~LOCAL MISSION MARKET~. This is not your standard market, since everything is made in-house, from the vinegars to the smoked fish to the pickles to the pastas to the breads (from baguettes to bagels to boules). Put a bird on it. And if it wasn’t made in-house, then it was locally sourced—like the fruit and vegetables—up to 90 miles away, plus you’ll be able to get local fish, meats (including some charcuterie), and cheeses. So no, there won’t be bananas, but a few non-local essentials like coffee (roasted locally), tea, chocolate, spices (from local importers), and sugar will be available, plus some bulk goods.

There will also be some helpful items for home cooks, like stocks and sauces, as well as snacky items like crackers and spreads. Look for seasonal dishes too, like roasted kabocha squash soup, pumpkin gnocchi, pumpkin bread, pumpkin purée, roasted pumpkin baby food, and red kuri squash with wheat berries and grilled scallions. You can look into some memberships as well if you would like delivery or don’t want to schlep your goodies home. Open daily 9am-9pm. 2670 Harrison St. at 23rd St.