Mahmoud "Mo" Khossoussi of Maykadeh and Mo's Grill to Open Dip in North Beach


Mo in front of the future location of Dip. Photo courtesy of Tiki Ink Publicity.


Mo inside the upcoming Dip. Photo courtesy of Tiki Ink Publicity.

A well-known face and character in North Beach, Mahmoud “Mo” Khossoussi, the owner of Maykadeh and Mo’s Grill, wasn’t too keen on his retirement after 53 years in the restaurant biz. The 70-something self-made man explained to me, “I got bored.” So now he’s collaborating with his daughter, Haleh Cunningham (who will be working on the creative direction), to open ~DIP~, his next restaurant.

Khossoussi has quite the compelling history: he moved the U.S. from Tehran when he was 17. He didn’t speak English, but look who went to Cal Poly and Cal State Hayward and studied accounting and economics. He opened his first restaurant in Castro Valley in 1969, while he was in college, because he needed to support himself. He went to school during the day and worked at the restaurant at night. Turns out, you just can’t just tell a hard worker to retire and take it easy.

It ends up his family (including his granddaughters) are all in love with dip sandwiches, like a French dip, so he decided to to finally pursue this idea that he’s had for a long time. Dip is going to be a sandwich shop, serving au jus sandwiches made with organic meats and Acme bread. There will be grass-fed beef (a cross between Tuscan beef and Angus), lamb, nicely marbled pork (sourced from Salmon Creek), and a pork belly sandwich, too, all served au jus. There will be pickles and Dip’s own mustard on the side, plus the option to order potato gratin and other vegetable dishes. Delivery will also be available.

The space will have a butcher shop look, with white subway tile, wood, and brass details. It was formerly a clothing store, and after going through all the change-of-use permits, they are finally under construction and hope to open in May. Way to go, Mo! 1318 Grant Ave. at Union.