Martin Yan's M.Y. China, Opening in the Westfield Centre in Early 2012


Exterior rendering of M.Y. China.

I was waiting on a rendering of Martin Yan’s upcoming Westfield Centre project before writing about it, so here we go. Slated to open in February 2012 is ~M.Y. CHINA~, a restaurant that will span modern and traditional Chinese cooking. Yan is working closely with rock stars Willy and Ronny Ng of Koi Palace in Daly City, who will oversee the day-to-day culinary operations. It ends up the team has been traveling to China the past two years for research, culling inspiration, menu items, and more from their trips.

The menu is going to feature three primary categories: hand-pulled “longevity” noodles, dim sum, and wok-fired entrées. But don’t expect a mile-long Chinese menu: M.Y. China will focus on serving 10-15 dim sum selections; the noodle section will feature traditional la-mein (hand-pulled) or “longevity” noodles served in soup or with sauce, along with hand-cut stir-fried noodles (like dan-dan noodles with sesame butter, braised cabbage, fennel, and trio of peppercorns). Other dishes include sautéed Gulf shrimp with gingko nuts, wolf berries, and yellow rice wine glaze, and mandarin orange-glazed Peking duck served two ways: crêpes with crispy skin and fluffy lotus buns stuffed with duck breast, spring onions, cucumber, and hoisin plum sauce.

And since the restaurant will feature an open exhibition kitchen and is all about visibility (instead of keeping things on the “ancient Chinese secret” tip), diners will be able to watch the noodle chef twist and pull noodles and see dumplings being made. Baldauf Catton Von Eckartsberg—the architecture firm behind the San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace—will lead the design, which will feature a white stone façade and a contemporary look inside, with wood block counters and die-cut walls. The 200-seat restaurant is part of the Restaurant Collection Under the Dome on Level 4 at Westfield San Francisco Centre, with “outdoor” tables for 50 under the historic dome.