Meatless Monday: Cooking and Eating More Plants


Citizen Cake soup shot.

~18 REASONS~ is hosting a plant-based cooking demonstration and tasting. Whether for your physical health, the health of the planet, or the health of your bank account, eating more plants has a lot of perks. This class is especially good if you identify as a carnivore, omnivore, vegetarian, flexitarian, or human (har). In this two-hour demonstration class you’ll learn: how to meet your protein needs with only plant based foods, simple and quick dishes that can be made and enjoyed any day of the week, and how to make hearty meals that will satisfy even the hungriest of eaters. Chef Trudy Schafer will lead you through the preparation (and tasting!) of a layered dish of Squash Polenta, White Beans, and Greens and a warm and comforting Coconut Curry Stew. Trudy is a natural chef who brings a holistic healing approach to the kitchen using organic whole foods. She runs the personal chef business The Healing Hearth.

Event Info

Monday Jan 11, 2010
$20 18 Reasons members; $30 general