Mission + Chinese + Food = Hells Yes


Peking duck chinito.


Inside the chinito.

Something new to add to your Chinese food world: Anthony Myint and Danny Bowien of Mission Street Food just launched their latest venture, ~MISSION CHINESE FOOD~ in Lung Shan Restaurant. No, you won’t be dining on vittles from guest chefs from Lichee Garden and Koi Palace, although that would kick ass, too—they’re actually cooking alongside the Lung Shan chefs, with each team offering their own Chinese menus. Mission Chinese Food’s menu offers 10-12 items priced in the $7-$10 range, for eat-in and take-out (plus there’s citywide delivery as well, word!).

The menu is all kinds of sick (and it’s spicy!—a few dishes are right up there with Spices! and Spices II), from the silkiest and peppery ma-po tofu made with Kurobuta pork and fermented black beans, to a chile-loaded lamb hot pot with glass noodles, to salt cod fried rice studded with Chinese sausage (delicious). Plus the groundbreaking chinito (Peking duck confit and skin with cucumber, cilantro, and Chinese donut wrapped in tender rice noodle that you dunk into spicy hoisin—huh wah? Uh huh!). The entire menu will give you terrible hunger pains—I ended up having to order delivery their first night of business, I was so excited. And boy, did I get some numb lips, hello Sichuan pepper. Served 11am-10:30pm daily. (And props: seventy-five cents from each item will be donated to the SF Food Bank.) 2234 Mission St. at 18th St., 415-863-2800.