New Mobile Food Truck (and Biz) Launching This Week


The new wave of food trucks is here: it’s time to salute ~CHAIRMAN BAO~, hitting the streets of San Francisco this week. You can take your pick of steamed or baked buns filled with six different items, like pork belly and pickled daikon, lion’s head meatball with fresh kimchee, or crispy garlic tofu with miso greens (you can view the entire menu here). Baked buns are $5.75, and steamed are $2.95. The chef is Eric Rudd, who hails from Minneapolis. There are also going to be four fresh fruit-shaved ice drinks, like pineapple salted caramel, and mango matcha green tea ($3.50).

It’s going to be parked at Trimark Economy Restaurant Fixtures this Wed-Fri (1200 7th St. at Irwin), and making its first nighttime appearance at a show at the Rockit Room on Saturday May 29th. There are also plans to hit the Peninsula, Emeryville, and Redwood City. Follow the truck’s Twitter feed for exact coordinates.

This food truck is the first in a smart new mobile food truck enterprise, Mobi Munch, which is a turnkey mobile food truck business infrastructure for chefs who want to hit the streets, but not be mired in the business details of how to run a truck. The next truck will be with L.A. chef, Ludo Lefebvre, featuring his famous Ludo Fried Chicken throughout greater Los Angeles in June. The website will also eventually act as a portal and forum for and about mobile food trucks.