New Project Coming to Valencia, Flor de Cafe


A colorful Frida, one of the pieces you’ll see at Flor de Cafe. Photo courtesy of Flor de Cafe.

We have been tracking a project coming to 1020 Valencia for longer than you would imagine (try a couple of years). Some initial details are finally emerging about what’s coming, and it’s refreshingly sounding like a project that would have opened on Valencia 15 years ago. It’s going to be called ~FLOR DE CAFE~, featuring Latino dishes, music, art, and coffee.

There will be 36 seats, with a basement that has room for 16 for various events and more, like live jazz. They are also installing some large acrylic paintings in the space, including multiple images of Carlos Santana, Frida Kahlo, and…Marilyn Monroe. Because why not. All the art will be for sale.

The varied backgrounds of the owners help explain why there will be empanadas from Chile, plus pastel de choclo and curanto, a seafood soup. One of the partners is from Patagonia (he’s a graphic designer) and another reportedly has a lot of experience with restaurants in Mexico. Partner Eugenia Raphael tells me the food will have some healthy options, fresh salads, and will be light on oil. Look for fresh fruit drinks (no sodas), and the coffee will be from Central and South America (one of the partners is reportedly big on coffee). Breakfast and lunch will be served. Look for an opening in May or thereabouts; we’ll keep you posted. 1020 Valencia St. at 21st St.