Soft Opening Report: PizzaHacker in La Lengua


Pie in the oven. Photo by PizzaHacker via Yelper Luis C.

Just before I signed off for the holidays, I noticed a Craigslist ad that mentioned the ~PIZZAHACKER~, aka Jeff Krupman, was looking for an employee for his pizza restaurant around La Lengua/Bernal. Well, my query went unanswered (I guess he only wanted an employee and no press) but his place is now softly/sporadically open in the former Inkas (a recent tweet sounds like he’ll hopefully be open again for another test run this Thursday evening/January 9th). The plan is to be open more regularly by mid-January.

Eater landed some additional details: there’s seating at picnic tables or a bar, and the initial menu is intentionally kept pretty simple—there’s a margherita; or a higher-end marg; one with pepperoni, olives, and hot peppers; another with sausage; and arugula with lemon, chile paste, and garlic. Yeah, his pizzas rock. The 12-inch pizzas hover around $15; slices may be coming later. And unlike the spartan Una Pizza, Krupman is serving a salad with a poppy seed dressing inspired by Berkeley’s former Cafe Intermezzo, which burnt down in a fire in 2011. Beer and wine, check. Check in on Twitter before heading over. 3299 Mission St. at 29th St.