The Progress, a New Project from State Bird Provisions Due to Open Next Door


Last year, when I was touring the ~STATE BIRD PROVISIONS~ site on Fillmore Street before it opened, I noticed a huge and empty space next door. Owners Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski mentioned that they had plans for this adjacent spot, but were going to keep quiet about it while they focused their energy on getting SBP up and running. Well, it seems The New Fillmore was reading the mayor’s notes very closely after a recent Fillmore District walkthrough, and so a little bit about the new project has been released.

The new project is going to be called ~THE PROGRESS~, in homage to The Progress Theatre that was on the site from 1911-1925. Brioza said they are still finalizing plans and details are going to be released this summer about the Progress concept, so stand by for more. For now, Brioza says, “We’re having so much fun with State Bird Provisions, and look forward to having the opportunity to share more this summer.”