Rumors: Richard Blais Opening a Restaurant in the Bay Area, and So Is Al's Beef?


The cover of Richard Blais’ new cookbook.


Al’s Beef: that dirty beef was ordered wet, hot, and sweet. Photo: ©

A tipster let me know that chef Richard Blais (of Top Chef fame, and currently touring his first cookbook, Try This at Home: Recipes from My Head to Your Plate) is going to be opening a new restaurant in the Bay Area sometime in the not-too-distant future. He is currently house hunting as well, so it sounds like a move from Atlanta is in the cards. Stay tuned for details about the restaurant and more.

Another import: I heard something about the famous ~AL’S BEEF~ in Chicago is coming to the Bay Area, starting with a location in San Jose. I haven’t been able to get confirmation from anyone at Al’s, so stand by. Let’s call this “Chicago beef watch.”

I almost can’t believe this news in the Bay Area Reporter that ~THE PATIO~ in the Castro may finally reopen after all. Sounds like owner Les Natali is trying to resolve some conditional use permit issues—and if all goes well, it may reopen this summer. Time will tell. 531 Castro St. at 18th St.

One more rumor: Seems ~MISSION BEACH CAFE~ had to unexpectedly close on Sunday, leaving the brunch-seeking masses confused by the sign on the door that said “closed until further notice.” No worries, however: Things are sorted and MBC was back open for business as usual yesterday.