The (Very) Unfortunate Closure of Tell Tale Preserve Company


The Rebel Within, the money shot; photo by William Werner.

Fans of pastry chef William Werner’s Rebel Within and other creative treats through his ~TELL TALE PRESERVE COMPANY~ will be sorry to learn he is ending the business. The reason behind the sudden end? In an email I received, Werner states, “Over the past year my team and I have tried to come to terms with our partner/investor Whisk Group in our search and execution of a storefront. The partnership has proved quite challenging, and despite making every effort possible to keep the business alive, we found our growth stunted. Our fair offer to buy Whisk out with new investors was ultimately declined, and we have been left with no choice but to end our engagement.” (In the funny timing department, SFoodie ran this article about the whereabouts of Whisk Group just last week.)

For parties interested in investment, consulting, or to contact Werner, you can reach him through his new site, Outfit Generic. For now, he’s going to enjoy some time off, and we’ll have to see what’s next. Best to you, William and team. Hurry back.