This Steak Is Juicy: Chef Claude Le-Tohic Partnering with Alexander's Steakhouse


Chef Claude Le-Tohic’s guest chef visit at Alexander’s Steakhouse in Taipei. Photo via Facebook.

After Joël Robuchon Las Vegas executive chef Claude Le-Tohic left the restaurant earlier this year, word was that he was going to be opening his own project in San Francisco. Mon dieu! I have been keeping tabs on the chef (read: social media stalking), and it looks like he’s involved with … Alexander’s Steakhouse!

He recently did a guest chef appearance at their location in Taipei, and when I asked if Le-Tohic is perhaps a part of Alexander’s Steakhouse project coming to Union Square (the upcoming 165 O’Farrell Street project is supposed to have a fine dining component), all his publicist could confirm is: “I do not have any information on the Union Square project. I can, however, tell you that chef Claude Le Tohic is with the Alexander’s Steakhouse team.” And so the béchamel thickens. Stand by for more.