February 5, 2008

Pssst, hey, Californians. Did you vote? I really hope so. I had Stevie Wonder wake me up this morning, calling to say, “I love you” and urging me to vote. I am no Stevie, but by the time you get this, there is still time. Please don’t let the primary slide by. Okay, I’ll step off my soapbox.

Last week’s tablehopper supper at Aziza was so special: we had a swell time in the atmospheric private room. Chef Mourad Lahlou really whipped up a delish spread, from a scrumptious series of passed bites to his famous kefta skewers, couscous, and basteeya, and don’t get me started on the spoon-tender Marin Sun Farms beef stew. The desserts from their new pastry chef Melissa Chou (formerly of Quince) were so very good—she’s one to watch! Also, I promised everyone in the group I’d report back what the fantastique bubbly was that we were sipping in the beginning: François Pinon Vouvray Pétillant Brut of the Loire, France (you can get it at K&L).

I really dig the unpretentious, friendly, and passionate group of people attending these dinners—find out their favorite two places in SF here—thank you all for coming! The next supper is coming up in March, stand by for more details on the who, what, and where!

So I know I already reviewed DOSA a while ago, but the brunch I recently had there was so unique and delish, I had to add this full-length update in the regular. Go go go.

Speaking of go-go, yours truly had her first national TV appearance this weekend. Meow! And no, it wasn’t on ABC. Let’s just say if I wrote the name of the show and channel down, it would get this week’s newsletter all caught up in your spam folder. Suffice to say, it was on Hugh Hefner’s special channel (think bunnies), and nooooo, I did NOT take my clothes off—“Birthday Suited Food Writers” would not really get that many viewers, if you get my drift. I was actually interviewed about San Francisco restaurants while kicking it at NOPA for the new San Francisco series of “[Birthday Suit] Happy Girls”—so don’t be embarrassed to tell me if you saw me on TV, wink.