November 10, 2009

"This is Ricky Machado, and I am reporting to you live from the scene. Ah, yes, Susan, that is correct, we have a three car pile-up on the tablehopper freeway. It appears there was a sherry party bus and a weekly restaurant delivery van both on their planned Tuesday route, and then an Alfa Romeo loaded with book manuscripts attempted to pull an Evel Knievel and jump over them as it was coming off an overpass, but the driver didn't clear it. It was quite a convergence.

"No one is hurt but the driver of the sports car is visibly fatigued. Looks like she was driving hard all weekend, trying to make her delivery on time. So now we have a mess of paper all over the freeway. The sherry party bus is still on target, claro, and the restaurant delivery van lost a little bit of produce in the spill, but is still gonna make its Tuesday scheduled delivery at 3pm.

"As for the driver of the Alfa, I'll have an interview with her shortly asking what the hell was she thinking driving that fast in lane one hauling that kind of a load, let alone trying to jump the van and the bus. Total kamikaze move. The CHP has never seen anything like it. Film at 11."

~ Marcia