Get a Fresh Start in January


Some of you may remember the amazing 21-day cleanse I did in May (you can read some of my health nut posts I wrote while I was on it). If I wasn’t going to be in India in January, I’d totally be doing this cleanse again—I felt great during and after, let me tell you. And after the holidays? Yes please. Starting January 10th, the Essential Vitality Detox Program from Lawrence Kampf is back, running until January 30th! You can read more online, but here’s the gist: “This is an intention-based program with a baseline diet of whole, organic, seasonal food creating a foundation of health and nutrition to detoxify and heal the body naturally. Take back your health, access your core vitality, and reduce chronic symptoms of fatigue, confusion, anxiety, depression, skin problems and poor sleep patterns. Open the door to resolve deeply hidden inner trauma and learn to feel light again.” It includes workshops, guided meditations, discounts on healthy products and services, and more.

The kick-off/intro meeting is on Monday December 28th and Monday January 4th. There will be free personal health evaluations, detox Q&A, and a guided meditation practice at 7:30pm at the Yoga Loft (321 Divisadero St. at Page). The Essential Cleanse Program is $325 for early birds (until December 27th); $360 regular price. You can also do an Advanced Cleanse, with bodywork, yoga and individual counseling sessions ($715 early bird, $795 regular—includes Essential Cleanse). For those scattered around the globe, there is also a Distance version of the program. See for more details about the entire program.