Opening next spring in the Hotel Fusion will be ~INFUSION~, a sub-level lounge that is slated to be a classy and upscale downtown destination for young urbanites and hipsters who are sure to flirt in the unisex bathrooms. A Hong Kong designer is introducing some unique elements with Asian flair, like columns covered in smoked glass that will glow from underneath a layer of lattice, a hologram behind the bar, and an elevated area with beds that will be enclosed with glass panels in the main lounge area—it can be reserved for bottle service (there will also be a couple other beds in the general seating area for you non-bottle service types, like me). There will be a 25-foot-long water feature with a small strip of fire in the middle, and a waterfall from the DJ booth that pours into the trough. I know, how inexpensive! They hope to open in the beginning of March, playing trip hop and a "Redwood Room" style of music for the lounge area, and the dance floor in the back will be playing more up-tempo music. VIP memberships will be available for those who want access to the private lounge.

in the Hotel Fusion
140 Ellis St.
Cross: Cyril Magnin St.
San Francisco, CA 94102

415-568-2525 (hotel)