A Feast of Cheese and Chocolate

Those scheming folks at Parties That Cook! really have evil minds. They are putting together an event called ~A FEAST OF CHEESE AND CHOCOLATE~, an event that will bring together Wil Edwards, cheese maker, and Karletta Moniz, Cocoa Tutor and publisher of The Art of Tasting Chocolate, who will help you navigate the ins and outs of making cheese and tasting chocolate. Yes, pure evil! Mwah ha ha!

The party begins with a glass of wine (please bring a bottle to share with the group) and a special cheese platter featuring artisan cheeses. Wil will talk about the origins, styles, and tasting profiles of cheese from around the world, followed by a cheese-making demonstration. Karletta will lead you through a multi-sensory tasting of two different chocolates while explaining the difference between single origin and single variety cacao, and what the words Forastero, Trinitario, and Criollo relate to.

Then it’s your turn to create tapas-style appetizers and desserts using chocolate and cheese in delicious pairings. The Parties That Cook! professional chefs will divide everyone into teams to prepare original recipes which feature dishes like tartines of goat cheese with melted Manjari chocolate and chicken taquitos with chocolate mole and melted queso fresco.

Guests don’t need cooking experience to attend. The price includes cooking instruction by Wil, Karletta, and the Parties That Cook! chefs, tapas using the freshest ingredients, and the camaraderie of cooking with new friends! After the event, digital photos and the recipe packets are emailed to the group. Please bring a bottle of wine to share with your group.

A Feast of Cheese and Chocolate

Sun., August 5, 2007

Sur La Table

77 Maiden Lane
(off Union Square)
San Francisco


$75 per person

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