Commonwealth Club Panel Discussion

Photo courtesy of Ferry Building Marketplace

Another option on June 12 is this ~COMMONWEALTH CLUB PANEL DISCUSSION~ about organic food standards:

"While more and more people visit farmer's markets across the country and grocery stores increase shelf space devoted to organics, many consumers remain unaware of the controversy simmering behind the scenes. This evening's discussion will take a bold look at organic standards past, present and future and discuss the impact large mainstream food companies have as they increasingly get involved in growing and selling organic food. Will the booming growth propel the change in agriculture that organic proponents have long sought? How are the hard won standards and the ideals behind the organic food movement maintaining their integrity in the face of this growth?"

SAM FROMARTZ, Author, Organic, INC.: Natural Foods and How They Grew
DIANE GOODMAN, Organic Industry Consultant
HELGE HELLBERG, Executive Director, Marin Organic

PEGGY MIARS, Executive Director, California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF)

Commonwealth Club Panel

The Ferry Building Marketplace
2nd floor
Port Commission Hearing Room
Monday June 12

5:30pm check-in/wine and cheese reception
6pm-7:15pm program
7:30pm-8pm book signing

$12 for members
$18 for non-members

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