Fifth Floor/Lounge on Five

You'd think I was a boozehound with all these wine events. (Well, now you know.) The sommelier at Fifth Floor, Emily Wines (I know, that last name is just ridiculous—like, how does that happen?) is introducing a public version of her popular private wine course, "Sommelier Secrets," with a series of relatively affordable weekly classes. This new series is "Wines on Wine" and it's designed to be a casual and educational program about the art of wine tasting for any level of enthusiast.

Wines and her team of sommeliers will teach the class every Wednesday for five consecutive weeks, starting April 19 at 6pm in the Lounge on Five, adjacent to the Fifth Floor restaurant. You can attend just one ($35 each), or all five for $150—the classes will last for about an hour, so you won't get totally toasted. Here's the breakdown on the classes:

Sensory Evaluation – Wednesday, April 19
Viva La France! – Wednesday, April 26
Vino California – Wednesday, May 3
Wine and Cheese 101 – Wednesday, May 10
The Joy of Bubbly – Wednesday, May 17

Fifth Floor/ Lounge on Five
In the Hotel Palomar
12 Fourth St.
Cross: Market St.
San Francisco, CA


Starts Wednesday, April 19
6pm-7pm (or so)
$35 per class or $150 for the five-class series