Jai Yun Chinese Banquet

This sounds lovely: ~JAI YUN AND THE AIWF~ (American Institute of Wine and Food) will be hosting a Chinese banquet, featuring Jennifer 8 Lee, the author of The Fortune Cookie Chronicles. Although the menu at Jai Yun never seems to rotate very much, I sure as hell enjoy the food there (the abalone is one of my favorite dishes, ever). If you've always been curious about this place, this event would be a fun way to try it, and you can check simultaneously out their new (and more spacious) digs. Here's more from the event announcement:

"There are more Chinese restaurants in America than McDonald's, Burger Kings, and Wendy's combined. Egg rolls are as American as apple pie, and for New York Times reporter Jennifer 8 Lee, the story of the Chinese-American experience can best be told through the lens of the food.

"The Fortune Cookie Chronicles is for anyone who has ever wondered who General Tso is and why are we eating his chicken; why all Chinese restaurants use the same trapezoidal delivery cartons; why Jews eat Chinese food on Christmas; and who really invented the fortune cookie. Lee solves enduring mysteries of Chinese cuisine through a lively mix of in-depth research and entertaining personal anecdotes.

"Jai Yun restaurant, already a legend since opening in 2000, serves only prix-fixe menus based on the best ingredients to be found in Chinatown each day."

Jai Yun Chinese Banquet
Mon., Mar. 24, 2008

Jai Yun Restaurant
680 Clay St.
Cross: Kearny St.
San Francisco, CA

AIWF website


$99 individual/$180 couple for AIWF members
(includes dinner and signed copy of the book)

$110 individual/$200 couple for non-members

or call Book Passage at 415-927-0960, ext. 239 (ask for the AIWF discount)

Bring your own wine and pay no corkage.