Passover Dinners at Delfina

Yeah, I was brought up Catholic (until I decided I was done with it all), but I am totally going to ~PASSOVER DINNERS AT DELFINA~. I gotta see what I missed out on. (Although I did eat my share of risi e bisi while living in Venezia.) More from Delfina:

Please join us during the week of Passover to enjoy some special dishes inspired by Passover, spring and a melding of our very own traditions. This is not a seder, but a weeklong, a la carte menu celebration of the holiday, featuring special seasonal dishes that will change throughout the week.

Menus may include: Watson Farms abbacchio with egg and lemon sauce; Brisket in one of a few different ways; Carciofi alla Giudea; Poached Bass with gelatina and walnut sauce; Veal tongue dolce-forte; Risi bisi (if there are peas); Rigatoncini with luginega meatballs; artichokes and green olives and an edible seder plate (you'll see). We'll have matzoh ball soup every night (with walnuts in the middle—Stoll family recipe) and many of our usual dishes, the steak, spaghetti, etc.

Keep in mind that it's not kosher and we make no claims as to authenticity—only to deliciousness and fun. Hope to see you there!

3621 18th St.
Cross: Guerrero St.
San Francisco, CA 94110