A Very Thirsty Jake

According to this tweet from Bi-Rite Market, ~Jake Gyllenhaal~ dashed into the market this morning: “Hold the phone, @jakegyllenhal just came in to the Market! Unfortunately, he only bought waters :-( Wonder what he’s in town for??”

A follow-up tweet about the sighting that was sent to Eater’s twitter account mentions seeing Jakey at nopa on Sunday night. After confirming with the nopa crew, I learned he sat at the communal table! I know, this is one of those moments when you’d really loooove communal seating. He was reportedly very kind to the server, who said he was really cool and down to earth. (And don’t forget hot!) He had the fried Brussels spouts, avocado salad, and chicories salad (yeah, that’s a lot of salad), plus a glass of wine. He departed when the restaurant got really busy.