June 27, 2006

2223 Restaurant had its fair share of characters this week, from Charles Busch from "Die, Mommie, Die!" to Chi Chi La Rue with a group of porn stars (what did you expect, teachers?).

Radiohead, in town for their show, were spotted having lunch at Asia de Cuba.

Thelma Houston was spotted at Teatro ZinZanni—upon clearing her dessert plate, she did not sing "Don't Leave Me This Way."

Okay, and here's a sighting I had with my own damned eyes: after Matthew Barney's "Drawing Restraint'' opening at SFMOMA wrapped up, there was an impromptu after-party at the Stud, where Barney spun on the decks while wifey Bjork hung out in the side room. I KNOW, Bjork, in all her kimono-esque cuteness, at the Stud. Tres cool. But can I tell you? The Nordic-speed metal music Barney decided to hurt everyone's ears with proved too annoying and painful for me to stick around and wait for Bjork to spin. I wasn't the only one clearing the dance floor. I mean, come ON. That dance floor could have gone off, but instead, we all just plugged our ears and craned our necks to sneak a peek at them. I was bored in ten minutes. I will say this—SF needs more parties like this. "Just because" parties. Secret parties. (Just no speed metal.) High-five to the Matmos guys for putting it together,
and not even charging a cover. How SF.