Jeremy Fox Leaves Ty-Flo, Heads to Yountville


Jacobsen Orchards garden; photo by Deirdre Bourdet.

After only four months of collaboration with the Tyler Florence Restaurant Group, chef Jeremy Fox is moving on. According to Eater SF, sous chef Tyson Greenwood will be taking the helm at ~ROTISSERIE & WINE~ in downtown Napa, and Fox will be focusing his energy on his forthcoming vegetable cookbook, Seed to Stalk.

Fox partnered with Ryan Hill and Peter Jacobsen (well known for their Yountville gardens, which supply produce to some of the town’s finest restaurants) to help him grow the ingredients that will inspire the recipes. And, in the spirit of collaboration, the three will be hosting intimate, 20-25 person pop-up dinners to test recipes on eager guinea pigs like you and me.

No details yet on dates, locations, or cost, but Ryan Hill says there’s a good chance that they will host one at Peter and Gwenny Jacobsen’s fantastic outdoor kitchen in Yountville… the one that looks out at garden rows that supply The French Laundry with fresh produce and herbs. But, as Ryan pointed out to me, the “unique thing about pop-up dinners is that they can take place anywhere… in the world!” Does this mean a Copenhagen dinner at NOMA is in the works?