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Apr 4, 2014 1 min read

Happy Spring, and a Behemoth from El Bulli

Happy Spring, and a Behemoth from El Bulli
Table of Contents

elBulli 2005-2011 Ferran Adrià, Albert Adrià, Juli Soler

Here’s one for the hard-core food folks, molecular gastronomy at the highest level. May I hereby introduce El Bulli 2005-2011, a seven-volume set from Phaidon Press.

What can I, a mere fan of good food, possible say about this magnum opus? How do I review a recipe like Mentholated Pond (pictured, video recipe here)? How can I choose among the endorsements of top chefs like April Bloomfield, Mario Batali, Daniel Boulud, Grant Achatz, David Chang, David Kinch, and convince you that this is the most inspirational and comprehensive and groundbreaking and lush book out there right now?

Yes, there’s the section you’ve been pining for on spherification, and the one on hot preparations with gelling agents. Yes, it’s every recipe from 2005 to 2011. Yes, it’s 40 pounds. Yes, there is more therein than you can ever consume.

And yes, it’s $625. It’s available from a certain online retailer for 15 percent off, and we want to make it easy for your to shop local, so we’re willing to part with several copies for that price. (Once we get closer to selling out, we may have to rescind the offer.) And if you’d rather see and smell and feel before you purchase, we’re here for you. Come fondle the sample volume!

So if you have $533.12 and a burning desire to consume (or be consumed) by the wisdom and creativity of El Bulli, we’re open daily until at least 10:30pm.

Thanks for reading. Pete Mulvihill, Green Apple Books

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