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Jan 18, 2024 4 min read

Build up your immune system and shine✨. (sponsored)

Build up your immune system and shine✨. (sponsored)
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Kick that cold with the tablehopper Wellness and Immunity Boost Box with Feed! Use code tablehopper25 for $25 off your order!

Sniff Sniff Achoo 🤧!

It seems like everyone is either fighting a cold right now, recovering from one, relapsing, or feeling like they just can’t shake one. Fortunately, there are all kinds of ways to boost your immunity, from ginger errrrrrything to citrus to fire cider to bone broth, and you will find it all on the virtual shelves at Feed and in the tablehopper Wellness and Immunity Boost Box! It’s time to build your wellness castle and keep colds outside the moat!

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Take Good Care

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or a friend who’s sick at home and could use a care package, here’s your lineup of cold-busting products to keep the sick away! You can order them individually, or get them all delivered next week (depending upon your delivery area) in the tablehopper Wellness and Immunity Boost Box.

Check Out These Immunity- and Wellness-Supporting Items!

New Mexico Fire Cider by Loam
Take a dropper or two every day of this alcohol-free remedy made almost entirely with New Mexico–grown or wild harvested ingredients, like nettles, horseradish root, ginger, turmeric, spicy peppers, organic apple cider vinegar, and more. Burn those colds away!

Dose Immunity Shot
Kick your immune system into high gear with a natural vitamin C boost from amla and powerhouse acerola, with delicious hits of ginger, lemon, and highly potent elderberry extract.

Turmeric Wellness Tea by Leaves and Flowers
Leaves and Flowers joined forces with California-based cookbook author, Heidi Swanson, to create this powerful wellness blend of turmeric, rosemary, ginger, black pepper, and citrus peel. This tea can support you during times of stress or anytime your system is feeling low or depleted.

Wildflower Blackberry Honey by Farmer Joy
Is your throat hurting you? It’s time for a spoonful of honey to help the medicine go down. And not just any honey, but a raw and unfiltered honey from a sixth-generation family farm in Chileno Valley. It also has a unique flavor profile, which reflects the sweet and slightly tart notes of blackberries with floral undertones. Try a spoonful a day!

Original Ginger Beer by Ginger Lab
Here’s a delicious and refreshing way to boost your ginger intake. This ginger beer is made from fresh ginger, so there’s a nice kick to it, with touches of lemon, and a splash of honey. (There’s also a fruity Guava Ginger Beer.)

Fresh Spinach by Spade and Plow
This Savoy spinach is bright and beautiful, with great flavor and a texture that doesn’t get slimy! You’ll be adding it to your smoothies, scrambles, pasta dishes, and soups while boosting your immune function with iron, vitamins C and E, potassium, and magnesium.

Adaptogen Powder Jar by Goldmine
Another daily product for health maintenance is this adaptogenic powder with chaga, reishi, cordyceps, ashwagandha, astragalus, and rosehip. These five organic ingredients support stress management, mental and physical stamina, enhanced focus, and natural immunity. Mix it into your smoothie, coffee, tea, or even water.

Organic Satsumas by Galpin Family Farms
Fortunately, we’re in peak citrus season, so you’ll be happily enjoying these juicy, sweet, and seedless Satsumas while upping your daily vitamin C!

Fresh Ginger
Ginger is our immunity superhero friend. Did you know that you can store ginger in a Ziploc bag in the freezer? It’s a great way to always have some on hand and not worry about it going bad. You can peel it by scraping it with a teaspoon (so easy), and start slicing it or grating it with a Microplane into your soup, tea, broth, stir-fries, and more.

Organic Hawaiian Ginger & Turmeric Chicken Bone Broth by Roli Roti
This chicken bone broth is a powerhouse of healthy ingredients, packed with protein and collagen, so it will also give you energy along with healthy support from ginger and turmeric. It’s ready to be heated and enjoyed—heat on the stovetop (or in the microwave) and sip through the day. It’s a great cold preventative as well—don’t just drink it when you’re sick. Store it in the freezer to have on hand.

Peppermint Eucalyptus Shower Steamers by METTA GOOD 
Having a tough time breathing? Congestion is the worst. Pop a couple of these in your next hot shower and let the invigorating scent clear you right up. Ahhhhhhh. Why only let those with a bathtub have all the bath bomb fun?

Whether you want to pick and choose a few of these items above for your next Feed order, or order the entire tablehopper Wellness and Immunity Boost Box, we wish you good health! 💫

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