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May 31, 2016 2 min read

510 News: LocoL Opens in Oakland

510 News: LocoL Opens in Oakland
The breakfast sandwich at Loco’L Oakland. Photo: Audrey Ma.
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Big congrats to Daniel Patterson and Roy Choi for getting their second location of LOCOL open (the first was in Watts). It has just opened in Daniel Patterson’s former Plum location in Oakland, and it’s an exciting continuation of their quest to offer food that is healthy and affordable in neighborhoods and communities that need an alternative to fast food. Their burgers and spin on chicken nuggets and other eats are made with quality ingredients and in a healthier manner that won’t fast-track consumers to diabetes and obesity. For example, the burger has some tofu and grains in the patty—it’s not straight-up feedlot beef soaking in grease and loaded with sodium and random “flavors.” So though the menu isn’t quite centered on vegan rice bowls, you actually can find a vegetable and crushed tofu stew for those who want to go in that direction.

Take a look at the menu: cheeseburgers are $5 (there’s also a barbecue turkey burger, vegetarian burger, and fried chicken), while bowls are $7 (from a noodle bowl to a chili bowl, and the hilariously named “Bulgar Language”). “Foldies” are like a quesadilla for just $3, and “crunchies” are the nugget replacement, available either as chicken or vegetarian, for $4. No sodas, so don’t ask. Enjoy an agua fresca instead.

There’s also a breakfast menu, with four versions of their breakfast sandwich ($5), French toast holes ($3), yogurt and granola ($4), and green juice ($3). Check them out, spread the word, and let’s support this venture, which is trying to make a positive change in the community. You can also check out their merch—any purchases help them keep this moving forward. Open daily 8am-8pm. 2214 Broadway near Grand, Oakland.

The breakfast sandwich at Loco’L Oakland. Photo: Audrey Ma.

“Crunchies”/chicken nugs at LocoL Oakland. Photo: Audrey Ma.
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