510 Updates: Tacos Oscar Opens, Mixiote Pops Up at Plum Bar, Closures


A brisket quesadilla with horseradish crema, pickled beets, and parsley from Tacos Oscar. OMG. Instagram photo via @tacososcar.


Mixiote’s incredible morita salsa and lamb tacos at last year’s SF Street Food Fest. Photo: © tablehopper.com.

I wanted to make sure to pass along some great East Bay news, starting with the opening of ~TACOS OSCAR~’s first brick-and-mortar location—complete with 49 outdoor seats—after chefs-owners Oscar Michel and Jake Weiss have held many, many pop-ups around town. East Bay Express mentions the menu includes “a quesadilla, a carnitas taco, a vegan taco with persimmon habanero salsa, and of course, the fried egg tacos that Tacos Oscar has become famous for.” Hand-pressed tortillas (made with masa from La Finca Tortillería in Oakland) for the win. Lunch is coming too (pssst, tortas!). There’s also beer and wine. Open Thu-Mon 5pm-10pm. 420 40th St. at Webster, Oakland.

Taco lovers will also want to swing by the ongoing pop-up from La Cocina’s ~MIXIOTE~ that is being hosted at ~PLUM BAR~ for three months. These labor-intensive, Mexico City-style tacos from Alma Rodriguez are rare and special, be sure to come by.

From Mixiote’s site: “Mixiotes can be made from various types of protein (beef, chicken, veggies, etc.). There are two main components that make mixiotes special. The first is the secret guajillo sauce that becomes thick and flavorful upon cooking. The second is the cooking method: we start by wrapping the marinated protein in avocado and banana leaves which give mixiotes a very pleasant, earthy flavor. There are no added fats or oils to the protein, mixiotes cook slowly in their own juices inside the leaf wrap until fork tender. Eating a mixiote is truly an unique experience of flavors and textures.” They are SO GOOD.

​Check the food menu on the Plum Bar site to see the lineup. You can try them alongside some cocktails from now through February. Served Mon-Sat 5pm-11pm. [Via EBX.]

In the closures department, Mary Canales unexpectedly closed both locations of ~ICI ICE CREAM~ after 12 years.

And ~CAMINO~ has set a closing date: December 17th is the last night of regular service, and there are two going-away parties (December 20th: Camino Finale Dinner Party and December 22nd: Camino Finale Cocktail Party). Tickets and details here.