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Apr 22, 2014 2 min read

A First Look at Gashead Tavern, Opening Soon in the Former Charanga Space

A First Look at Gashead Tavern, Opening Soon in the Former Charanga Space
The bar at Gashead Tavern. Photo: Dana Eastland. ©
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A report by Dana Eastland. As we wrote in tablehopper back in October and again in February, Edward Sargent and Rodger Howell of Murio’s Trophy Room on Haight Street are opening a new bar in the Mission. It’s going into the former Charanga space, and is called GASHEAD TAVERN.

It’s a bar with food, as opposed to a restaurant with a full bar, according to Sargent. The space was mostly built by Sargent and Howell, with initial design consultation from Haleh Cunningham and Bernadette Holmes of Thornbird Styling. The space is eclectic, with a Victorian gothic feeling and modern touches. A huge antiqued mirror behind the bar is surrounded by a savaged cast-iron and zinc frame that is at least 120 years old, and the original wooden floor has a weathered look. For contrast, modern brass lighting and vintage midcentury chairs strike a different note. In front, a nook before the door will offer some outdoor seating, as well.

The menu, too, has an eclectic feel. The inspiration comes form British pub fare, with a seasonal, California twist. Matt Nudelman, of Lower Haight’s Greenburger’s, designed the menu, and it’s got true British classics like fish and chips, bangers and mash, and mushrooms on toast. You’ll also find a variety of sliders, mussels, and an egg and watercress salad. Here’s a tentative menu, though there may be changes once they open.

As for drinks, they are still in the process of working out the final drink list, though it will be simple takes on classic drinks, along with a few dessert cocktails. There will also be 10 beers on tap, most of them of the local persuasion. Think Anchor Steam, Speakeasy’s Prohibition, and hopefully Russian River Brewing, along with a selection of bottles.

As for the name and the graphic on the sign out front, there is an explanation for the slightly intense vibe. “Gashead” is the name given to fans of Sargent and Howell’s hometown soccer team, the Bristol Rovers. The team used to play on a field near a gasworks plant, and the (apparently quite rowdy) fans were called “gasheads” by opposing fans as a result. Over time, they adopted the moniker, and some even took to wearing gas masks and other creative headgear to show their team spirit. So, for Sargent and Howell, the name and logo are a nod to their roots.

Gashead Tavern should be opening by the end of April, depending on how all the inspections go. Once open, hours will be 11am-2am, though that could change depending on the neighborhood crowd. Once they’ve got an official opening date and hours, we’ll let you know. 2351 Mission St. at 20th St., no phone yet.

The bar at Gashead Tavern. Photo: Dana Eastland. ©

An antiqued mirror behind the bar at Gashead. Photo: Dana Eastland. ©
The exterior. Photo: Dana Eastland. ©
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