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Sep 10, 2019 3 min read

A Long List of Unfortunate Closures

A Long List of Unfortunate Closures
Some of the booth seating at Finn Town. Photo: Alana Wolens.
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Oof, there is just way too much closure news going on. So sorry for all the operators who couldn’t make it work. Personally, the one that I JUST CAN’T GET OVER is GREEN CHILE KITCHEN, which is closing on Sunday September 15th, after 14 years of feeding us! I can’t believe we’re losing our neighborhood standby. Heartland taco salad is my jam! And those breakfast burritos, they have truly saved me.

Thanks to owner Trevor Logan for the commitment to using such healthy and fresh ingredients all these years, and for hiring such a nice staff—I swear, Melesio in the kitchen has been there for YEARS. Anyway, I’m sorry SF is such a nightmare, and delivery ended up killing your biz. One consolation: you can still pick up their green chile apple pie at Chile Pies Baking Co. in Guerneville. 1801 McAllister St. at Baker.

Another fast-casual place that didn’t make it was Piri Picante, formerly PIRI PICA, from founder-CEO Khalid Mushasha and Uma Casa chef-owner Telmo Faria. Eater reports the Portuguese chicken place just wasn’t doing the sales volume it needed to survive. 590 Valencia St. at 17th St.

Also on Valencia, I noticed owner Christopher Totah has closed ZAYTOON, the Mediterranean fast-casual spot, but the newer location on Divisadero seems to be thriving (I love their lamb and chicken platter, you can get two meals out of it!). 1136 Valencia St. at 22nd St.

And we knew this was coming, but on September 1st, MISSION PIE closed, after being in business since 2007. You can read their farewell note on their site. 2901 Mission St. at 25th St.

Noe Valley’s CHEZ MARIUS from owner Laurent Legendre (who also owns Le P’tit Laurent in Glen Park) has shuttered the restaurant. 4063 24th St. at Castro. [Via Hoodline.]

Over in the Castro, partner Rick Hamer was sad to close FINN TOWN at the end of August, but is now operating the location as a private party venue, pop-up location, and commissary kitchen until he can find a new owner. Check it out if you’re looking for a place to cook. 2251 Market St. at Sanchez. [Via Bay Area Reporter.]

An old-timer has shuttered in SoMa: VICTOR’S, the friendly Mexican standby that has been in business since 1985 (!!) has closed. Known for calling customers “guapo” or “guapa,” their farewell sign is a heartbreaker. The owners have reportedly retired. 210 Townsend St. at 3rd St.

Tony Gemignani’s SLICE HOUSE in SoMa has closed after four years—a post on Facebook says, “Due to increasing rent prices, road and sidewalk construction, and a noticeable change in neighborhood foot traffic, as of August 23 we have officially closed the doors at our Slice House on 2nd Street location.” Fortunately, there are multiple locations around the city where we can still score his awesome slices. 680 2nd St. at Townsend. [Via Hoodline.]

And the saga behind the closure of COOK SHOPPE (formerly Chow) is almost too strange to believe. When I originally interviewed “Mark White” about the project he was opening across the street, Gramercy Park—and the site is now private, hmmmm—I got the strangest vibes off him. He was cagey, and didn’t want to talk about his restaurant experience and background in New York. In the interim, he was suddenly involved in helping  to reopen Chow as Cook Shoppe, reportedly acting as a consultant and investor. And whaddya know, Mark White isn’t even his real name.

You have to read the entire sordid mess in this detailed post on Hoodline. They got busted by the ABC for serving alcohol without a license and allowing people to BYOB; one of the owners Lawrence/Laurence Tonner is now in jail (for the ABC infraction and unrelated outstanding warrants in New York); and according to a post on Yelp, they are potentially stiffing employees (“Yelp keeps deleting my review!!! do not support this business!!!! the owner mark white is using and taking advantage of workers and refusing to pay. bounced checks and continuous lies. very hostile and sketch. local people from the community who need their paychecks to survive aare not getting paid their hard earned money they worked for. do not support this business and habitual liar mark white.”). File under “not surprised.” And what a damn shame for the people who worked there—many were Chow employees, so this is great insult to injury. Hopefully this band of shady carpetbaggers from New York has realized SF has no time or place for them. 215 Church St. at Market.

Some of the booth seating at Finn Town. Photo: Alana Wolens.

The farewell sign at Victor’s. Yelp photo by Justin M.
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