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Oct 31, 2017 2 min read

A Peek Inside Stanlee Gatti's Stylin' Meraki Market

A Peek Inside Stanlee Gatti's Stylin' Meraki Market
Meraki Market. All photos: ©
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Last week, I paid a lunchtime visit to Stanlee Gatti and business partner Bill Grzywacz’s spiffy new market in the TenderNob, MERAKI MARKET, which I mentioned was coming awhile ago, and now I’m drinking 6 percent milk with my cappuccinos at home and it’s all their fault. (The milk is pure evil and totally divine, from Alexandre Family EcoDairy Farms, the same folks who do the tasty pastured eggs you may have seen around.)

There are all kinds of quality goodies in this high-end market, from gorg produce artfully arranged just so (endive, anyone?), well-sourced and unique pantry items, and both the refrigerated and freezer sections have plenty of things that will catch your eye (including all kinds of stocks, fresh salsas, and housemade butter in a cazuela you can keep). Breads are from Acme, plus croissants and a couple of breads from Jane. Cheese island, check.

There is a counter with freshly made items, from salads and couscous to pâté to sandwiches (a Waldorf-inspired chicken salad, egg salad, and tuna, all $10-$12). Chef Mouhssine Benhamacht (previously Meritage Napa and Spice Market Atlanta in the W) does some seriously good fried chicken available by the piece (it’s brined for 48 hours, air-dried, soaked in buttermilk, floured, and then fried), and you can get a whole roasted chicken for $23, which will feature toasted sesame, herbs, anise, and more tucked under the skin. There’s a beautiful Italian Universal Tuscan grill and rotisserie, just like Cotogna’s—you’ll smell the live fire when you walk in.

Rotating dishes will include chile relleno, pozole, boeuf bourguignon, two kinds of soup (including roasted corn, and another with kale, chickpea, and ham), and more. The menu will change by 75 percent each day, encouraging folks in the neighborhood to come by, whether it’s for lunch, snacks, dinner, or a party. There is also seafood and some marinated meats you can cook yourself. And caviar, naturally.

It’s like a European Bi-Rite Market, and I loved all the terrazzo counters, flooring, and cases. Breakfast and coffee service is in the works. Hours are daily 8am-9pm. 927 Post St. at Hyde, 415-351-1970.

Meraki Market. All photos: ©

Meraki Market’s interior.
Lovingly displayed seasonal produce.
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