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Dec 7, 2022 2 min read

A Renovated Park Tavern Is Reopening, and Bringing Some Glam to Washington Square

A Renovated Park Tavern Is Reopening, and Bringing Some Glam to Washington Square
The festive exterior of Park Tavern. Photo courtesy of Anna Weinberg.
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A bunch of you have been asking me when PARK TAVERN was going to reopen, and I have some great news for you: it’s opening to the public in January 2023! I caught up with owner Anna Weinberg, who is thrilled to be able to open full-time in the new year. Park Tavern has opened and closed three times over the pandemic, like many places, offering takeout, retail, and patio/parklet dining.

She decided to take advantage of the moment and update the restaurant, which was in need of some serious work, from upgrading the plumbing to fixing the leaky roof to installing new and energy-efficient equipment in the kitchen, which will save money long-term. And, of course, there’s new ventilation. She says, “This restaurant has been very good to me, and there was no better time to renovate. I knew I won’t get another chance like this.”

The massive bummer has been the supply chain-related delays for some crucial kitchen equipment (we’re talking 42 weeks and counting). While waiting for some final pieces, it ends up she still managed to run Thanksgiving service for some of her regulars, and thankfully sister restaurant, Tosca, was able to help with the cooking. Weinberg was so happy to see her customers (she was actually waiting tables that night!), and she says it felt quite emotional to be back in service. Some of her OG servers have returned (so many have left the industry), and they’re using December to host private events and do training. However: they will be open Christmas Day to the public, with reservations opening on Tock this Friday!

Of course, the stylish Weinberg is giving the space a big makeover, moving away from the rustic barn-style that was popular 12 years ago when they opened, and now it’s getting a bit more glam. She says, “Park Tavern is always a place where you can get something to eat at the bar, and you can have a nicer dinner in the dining room.” There’s wood paneling on the walls that will help with sound, and the dining room is outfitted with jewel tones, like deep purple/inky marble and dark green banquettes, with repainted walls and fab floor tiles…and trees!

The bar had a major facelift: there are stained glass pendant lights, the communal table is gone, and some circular booths that were remade from Tosca are coming over instead. The front café area is airy and light and black and white, and now can be made into a private area with doors that side closed. The private dining room is black and gold and a bit Bollywood (she did the design herself, and says, “There was no one to tell me no!”).

I will have an update for you next on the menu and some pics, but wanted to share the upcoming opening news for now. 1652 Stockton St. at Filbert.

The festive exterior of Park Tavern. Photo courtesy of Anna Weinberg.

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