An Update on the New Valencia Project from the Burma Superstar Team


The dining room at Burma Love on Valencia. Photo: Dana Eastland. ©

Well, it turns out we didn’t have all the correct information in our piece last week from the Burma Superstar team on their new project in the Mission. However, we got some new intel this week, so here’s an update for you. The new restaurant is actually going to be called ~BURMA LOVE~, and while Burma Superstar is known for its everyday, classic Burmese dishes, the menu here will include dishes that you’d find at a family feast, with an emphasis on seafood. They mention the dishes will be a bit spicier and more concentrated in flavor. (Although you will still find some of the favorite dishes from Burma Superstar on the menu too.) The plan is, as we reported, to open after Christmas. 211 Valencia St. at Duboce, 415-861-2100.