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Jul 30, 2013 2 min read

An Update on the Upcoming Project from the ICHI Sushi Team

An Update on the Upcoming Project from the ICHI Sushi Team
Tim Archuleta “directs” traffic at their new space. Photo courtesy ICHI Sushi.
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Per the news we broke back in November, Tim and Erin Archuleta of ~ICHI SUSHI~ are opening a second location in Bernal, just across the street from their current one. They just got the final stamp on all their construction permits (woo!), and we have an update today on their plans for both spaces.

The original ICHI location, at 3369 Mission Street, was originally slated to become omakase-only. However, they were able to fit an omakase counter into the new location (more on that later), so now the plan is to turn the original location into a raw bar. They’ll offer oysters, clams, crab, mussels, and some other small bites that will be different from those offered at the new location. Tim is planning an expedition to eat around Tokyo in a few weeks to get some ideas on how to craft the menu. There will be expanded beer and wine offerings on tap, plus a heftier sake list. They are also planning on doing special sake and winemaker events out of the 23-seat space. The name will change, as well, though to what is yet to be determined.

As for the new location, at 3282 Mission Street, it will be called ICHI SUSHI + NI BAR (“ichi” means one in Japanese; “ni” means two). There will be a 30-seat sushi bar in front, plus an omakase bar that is available by reservation only, and the NI bar in the back. They’ll have a full kitchen, with the ability to serve hot izakaya dishes. They’ll start off with a beer and wine license, but full liquor and a cocktail program will come later. Look for a wide selection of sake, plus well-curated beer and wine options. They’ll be serving snacks and izakaya dishes (though not sushi) at the NI Bar for those waiting for tables. And hey, this is great news: they’ll be able to accept reservations and make room for larger groups in the new space too.

They’ve gotten some feedback that people are afraid the restaurant will change too much, but they are really working hard to keep the soul of the place the same. Lifebox Studios is the architect, and they are keeping the interior playful and sweet, just with a little more room and a larger kitchen. They’re commissioning local artists for the interior walls, as well, though that hasn’t been finalized quite yet. BALI Construction is doing the buildout, and they are aiming for a late fall opening. Tim Archuleta and sous chef Erik Aplin will head up the new location, while Erin will be running the show with the kitchen crew at the original. Also note that the original location will be closing for a quick remodel once the new spot opens up—we’ll let you know when all that happens! 3282 Mission St. at 29th St.

Tim Archuleta “directs” traffic at their new space. Photo courtesy ICHI Sushi.

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