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Apr 4, 2017 2 min read

Black Jet Baking Co. Now Open in Bernal

Black Jet Baking Co. Now Open in Bernal
Friendly faces at Black Jet Baking Co. Photo courtesy of Black Jet Baking Co.
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Do you smell the wonderful aroma of morning buns wafting through Bernal Heights? Maybe (probably) it’s because BLACK JET BAKERY has opened! Big congrats to Gillian Shaw and her team, who have expanded the wholesale-only business to their first brick and mortar in the former Sandbox Bakery/Pinkie’s. Shaw says, “It’s such a treat to see people eat your stuff! Everyone has been ridiculously sweet—it’s awesome!”

In addition to their trademark spin on pop tarts, plus cakes, pies, cookies, and bars, there are some new additions on the menu, including croissants (made from the recipe Sandbox’s Mutsumi Takehara used; she is also the landlord!). There are also homages to the former Liberty Cafe in the shape of blueberry corn muffins and raspberry bran muffins, plus banana cream pie. Awwww. Look for hot cross buns for Easter and more.

Shaw pays homage to her Worcester upbringing, starting with some “bulkie” rolls, which are fluffy white rolls she grew up eating from the local Jewish bakery (she says it’s light and airy and like a kaiser roll), and it’s what they’re using for their breakfast sandwiches.

Another fun one is the Boston Beam Croissant—her sister (with the married name of Beam) was the evil inspiration to fill a croissant with pastry cream and then drizzle it with chocolate ganache. Wicked pissah.

And then there’s Shaw’s obsession with Fluff, which they are making their own version of and using in their spin on fluffernutter cookies. But here’s where it gets demented: they’re also doing a Somerville latte, which is a latte with a shot of Fluff!

They have partnered with Ritual Coffee for coffee and espresso service (Ritual was their first account back in the day), and they are also serving Song Tea, including a batch of brewed iced tea that has been popular these past warm days.

There are some benches attached to the building where you can perch. Swing by and welcome them to the neighborhood! Keep up with all the goodies at @blackjetbaker. Initial hours are Wed-Fri 6:30am-3pm-ish and Sat-Sun 7am-3pm-ish. 833 Cortland St. at Gates.

Friendly faces at Black Jet Baking Co. Photo courtesy of Black Jet Baking Co.

The Liberty Cafe banana cream pie. Photo courtesy of Black Jet Baking Co.
Meet the Boston Beam Croissant. Photo courtesy of Black Jet Baking Co.
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