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Jun 10, 2014 1 min read

Cawfee Tawk: VeloBrews Now Open in the Bayview

Cawfee Tawk: VeloBrews Now Open in the Bayview
Coffee and pastries at VeloBrews. Photo from Facebook.
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There’s a new café and bike shop open in the Bayview, VELOBREWS CAFE AND CYCLING COMMUNITY CENTER. The general managers, Jennifer Leeper and Ross Del Duca, are both Bayview residents, and are really doing a lot to keep things hyperlocal: the coffee is from Ubuntu in Emeryville; they carry sea salt-chocolate chip cookies by local baker Salty Sweet, plus cookies, beignets, macaroons, and scones from La Victoria in the Mission; the bagels are from Sour Flour (which you can get with lox, cream cheese, and now with eggs in the morning too); and they will soon be getting jam and chutneys from Jake’s Castro Kitchen. Leeper mentioned they serve sandwiches, and plan to add hot panini this weekend. They also get an amazing chicken salad from the health-focused and fellow Bayview business, Comfort Foods National Inc. Their offerings keep expanding!

I love their mission of trying to get as many people on bikes as possible, which is why you’ll find they specialize in selling refurbished bikes, although they can order a brand-new one for you if that’s what you want. Need a repair or a helmet? Colin McDonald, the bike shop manager, can help with that too.

Be sure to pedal over and pay them a visit. I hear the upcoming Juneteenth event on Thursday June 19th will be a fun one. Keep up with VeloBrews and future announcements on Facebook. VeloBrews is open Mon-Fri 6:30am-4pm, Sat-Sun 8am-4pm. 634 3rd St. at Newcomb, 415-926-8930.

Coffee and pastries at VeloBrews. Photo from Facebook.

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