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Feb 23, 2010 1 min read

Celebrate the Persian New Year at Zaré at Flytrap

Celebrate the Persian New Year at Zaré at Flytrap
Photo courtesy of Zaré at Fly Trap.
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The New Year’s celebrations continue: chef/owner Hoss Zaré of ~ZARÉ AT FLYTRAP~ is introducing the first Persian New Year’s celebration in San Francisco. On Monday March 15th through Wednesday March 17th, the restaurant will host a New Year’s celebration with communal tables and traditional symbolic dishes served family style.

Chef Zaré will recreate the traditional haft-sin table and serve modern renditions of typical Persian cuisine, reinterpreting traditional New Year’s dishes to reflect modern tastes. A sample of some of the dishes from the five-course menu includes:

Ash é reshteh: winter greens with organic beans, root vegetables Herb kuku: herb omelet with roasted garlic and sumac yogurt Frogs legs fessenjoon with pomegranate walnut sauce Thai snapper with fennel, winter vegetables, and Persian pickle tartar Bell pepper dolma Maast é keysehe: yogurt panna cotta Persian tea and cookies

(The celebration will extend over a two-week period, as it does in Iran, with nightly specials and traditional noodle soup; the noodles symbolizing a life free from worry.)

Persian New Year is the largest celebration in Iran and one that is celebrated multilaterally across all religions and cultures. Falling on March 21st, at the precise moment of the vernal equinox, the holiday originally marked the end of winter and the beginning of a new growing season. In Iran it marks the beginning of two weeks of holidays and festivities and is celebrated with a multi-course meal and elaborate decorations centered around the haft-sin table, or “Table of the Seven Ss,” so-called because seven of the traditional items begin with s.

Photo courtesy of Zaré at Fly Trap.

Event Info

           Monday Mar 15, 2010 – Wednesday Mar 17, 2010 6:30pm reception, 7:30pm dinner $56 per person (unlimited paired wines: $30)

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