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Sep 8, 2021 1 min read

Coming Soon to North Beach: Cassava and (Maybe) El Farolito

Coming Soon to North Beach: Cassava and (Maybe) El Farolito
Some of the popular brunch dishes at Cassava. Photo courtesy of Cassava.
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A couple weeks ago, Outer Richmond’s CASSAVA co-owner Yuka Ioroi excitedly posted a sneak peek of their upcoming (and spacious) North Beach location, which is the former Trattoria Pinocchio (this is such a breath of fresh air, considering the crazed tirade the previous owner posted in the windows last year—ciao, pazzo).

Owners Yuka and her husband and chef Kristoffer Toliao are moving their neighborhood restaurant as part of their 10-year anniversary celebration, and plan to open in 2022. They just launched a WeFunder campaign, a “Kickstarter for investments” that allows the public to become angel investors (investors will receive a 1.5x repayment amount, plus special perks).

Here’s more about the fate of their current location from the press release: “After recent renovations, the current Cassava location in the Outer Richmond area plans to reopen later this fall, with reservations available for brunch. They will continue operating as normal there until the North Beach location opens, at which point the Outer Richmond location will be re-envisioned as a pop-up incubator with a rotating lineup of local foodservice concepts, a further testament to the creative tenacity of Ioroi and Toliao.” Stand by for updates in coming months. Go team go. 401 Columbus Ave. at Vallejo.

SF Chickenbox owner Christian Ciscle tweeted a few weeks ago that EL FAROLITO was going to be expanding their burrito empire and was coming to the former The House space at 1230 Grant Avenue. But this recent and in-depth post by Mission Local outlines how this opening is actually uncertain due to SF’s formula retail restrictions, ugh. We’ll need to wait and see what the Planning Department decides.

Some of the popular brunch dishes at Cassava. Photo courtesy of Cassava.

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