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Jun 19, 2012 2 min read

Craftsman and Wolves Open in the Mission

Craftsman and Wolves Open in the Mission
The chic interior and pastry case at Craftsman and Wolves. Photo: ©
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Last week, a bunch of us lucky media folks got to attend a pre-opening party for ~CRAFTSMAN AND WOLVES~, which was scheduled to open last Saturday, but some final air-conditioning inspections are holding things up—it’s all set to open on Wednesday June 20th. A lot of details about this Outfit Generic project were shared in my earlier piece in tablehopper, but it was great to see everything in place, from the elegant shelves and storage to the artwork and light streaming in from the overhead skylights. And, of course, to taste pastry chef William Werner and his team’s latest creations.

Hurry over during the next two weeks to try the Devil Inside, his spin on his wildly popular Rebel Inside, but instead of a runny egg, you’ll find a piece of foie gras tucked into the chocolate-toffee ganache in the chocolate-almond cake. Yeah, baby. And then there’s the selection of pretty cube cakes, like one with peach, buttermilk, and lemon verbena—they also have their own custom boxes, the ultimate hostess gift. The flavorful croissants were excellent, including a passion-sesame version, and I liked the smaller size (which means you can try two things with your Sightglass coffee or oolong tea from Naivetea). On the savory side, they are making some wonderful levain bread (I can’t wait for them to make sandwiches with it) and small plates to share like salmon rillettes and savory madeleines, and a beet salad with hazelnuts and fennel.

There’s a table in the front where you’ll be able to hang out, but I am guessing seating will be scarce after people get hooked on the chocolate-salted caramel brownie and éclairs. Hours will be Mon-Fri 7am-8pm, Sat 8am-8pm, and Sun 8am-5pm.

The chic interior and pastry case at Craftsman and Wolves. Photo: ©

Hello, my pretties. Photo: ©
Loaves of levain. Photo: ©
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