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Oct 20, 2015 2 min read

Daniel Patterson Group Is Taking Over...Alfred's Steakhouse?

Daniel Patterson Group Is Taking Over...Alfred's Steakhouse?
The old-school interior of Alfred’s Steakhouse. Photo from Facebook.
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At first, this headline reads like some very odd or mistaken news. But after chatting with Daniel Patterson Group director of operations Ron Boyd, it starts to make good sense. It ends up Boyd, a San Francisco native, and his girlfriend Kim Alter, another DPG chef, have been fans of the 87-year-old ALFRED’S STEAKHOUSE for a long time. When they heard it was up for sale, Boyd wanted to make sure this SF classic (since 1928!) was preserved and convinced Daniel Patterson to look into it further with him. After some negotiation, the Petri family decided to sell the restaurant to DPG, after 42 years of ownership—the last night will be New Year’s Eve, and you know that will be quite the blowout party. Alfred’s regulars, make your reservation now.

In January, the restaurant will undergo some freshening up—with some renovations to the kitchen and bar, and new artwork will be added—but it will be mostly the same Alfred’s that we know and love. Boyd and the Daniel Patterson Group are revitalizing this SF traditional space, but also want to be respectful of it and its many traditions.

Anyone who has bought a tablehopper vintage T-shirt has heard the story of how the Blue Fox was where Alfred’s is now. In a fun twist, Boyd’s first externship was at the Blue Fox in 1992, before it closed in 1993—Alfred’s moved from its original location and opened in the current space in 1997.

Boyd appreciates how Alfred’s is one of the most affordable steakhouses in SF and wants to keep it that way. Alfred’s sources their beef (which is steroid- and hormone-free and grass-fed and corn-finished) from Schmidt Family Farms, and that will continue (ditto the steaks being cooked on mesquite/open fire). The menu will integrate a whole animal program, so look for dishes like oxtails and pork shoulder to be integrated into the menu. The three-course “school night” menu tradition will also continue, but look for the vegetables to be upgraded a bit, because it ends up chef Charlie Parker will be coming over from Haven in Oakland to run things. (Parker’s replacement at Haven will be Matt Brimer, most recently at Les Clos, who will be ramping up over the next couple of months during the transition.)

Some other things being discussed: the return of tableside salads and some additions to the bar program. The drinks will definitely remain classically driven, and they will introduce some barrel-aged cocktails. The wine list will get a bit of an update and we may see some news about the huge downstairs wine cellar, but the team hasn’t decided to do anything about it yet—it was quite the private dining room back when it was the Blue Fox.

Many “grazie” to Marco and Al Petri and the entire Petri family for the decades of memories for many guests and regulars in that historic space. 659 Merchant St. at Kearny, 415-781-7058.

The old-school interior of Alfred’s Steakhouse. Photo from Facebook.

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