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Apr 20, 2010 1 min read

Delfina's Expansion in the Mission

Delfina's Expansion in the Mission
Flickr photo by Jonn.Gordon.
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~DELFINA~ owners Craig and Anne Stoll were trying to keep their new location under their hat, but news has a way of getting out, so let’s just talk about it. If everything goes according to plan, they will be taking over Ramblas on Valencia, and will be launching a Roman restaurant. They plan to make their own pastas, offering a larger list since they’ll have room for two pasta cookers and an extruder. There will be a full bar, and they will be able to do larger parties—they envision it to be a more lively restaurant. Anthony Strong, who has been with Delfina for five years, will be heading up the kitchen, and Brandon Wells (who has been working for Delfina for four years) will move up and oversee both pizzerias. You can read more in Craig Stoll’s interview with 7x7 here, which mentions the restaurant’s working name of “Locanda” (or “Locanda something-something”).

Flickr photo by Jonn.Gordon.

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