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Dec 6, 2011 1 min read

Even MORE Ramen: Kirimachi in North Beach, and During Lunch at Ozumo

Even MORE Ramen: Kirimachi in North Beach, and During Lunch at Ozumo
Ramen photo from Kirimachi.
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Yup, it’s the year of ramen. Ramen, ramen, ramen. A new pop-up ramen shop opened yesterday in the Usual Suspects Cafe on Broadway called KIRIMACHI (which means “fog city”). Chef Leonardi Gondoputro has worked in Japanese restaurants for the past four years (including Sanraku, but they don’t serve ramen there). It ends up it’s one of his obsessions—he likes ramen so much he wanted to make his own. He will be serving two kinds: tonkotsu and chicken miso, using proteins from Marin Sun Farms, and he has someone custom-making the noodles for him. A bowl is $10, tax included. Hours are Mon-Fri 12pm-2:30pm and 6pm-9pm, Sat 12pm-9pm. He is sharing the space with another vendor, so he isn’t in the location full-time. 450 Broadway at Montgomery.

You downtown workers might want to know that ~OZUMO RESTAURANT~ San Francisco is now serving “winter ramen” for lunch. Choices include Ozumo (braised pork jowl, poached egg, and snow crab in a shoyu stock), spicy miso (shredded chicken, poached egg, and cabbage in a rich, spicy miso stock), kaisen (snow crab and prawns in a spicy lobster stock), kimchi (braised pork shoulder and housemade kimchi in tonkotsu stock), vegetarian (vegetable kakiage, pickled ginger in a light shoyu stock), and cha-soba (marinated tuna, kizami nori with a wasabi vinaigrette over green tea soba noodles). The seasonal stock is made in-house with all-natural ingredients, and ramen bowls are served with green onion, bean sprouts, fish cake, bamboo shoots, and a side of edamame. $12-$14. Served Mon-Fri 11:30am-2pm in the restaurant’s sake lounge.

Ramen photo from Kirimachi.

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