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Dec 1, 2020 3 min read

Get Fantastic Cocktails and Beer and Wine Right to Your Door

Get Fantastic Cocktails and Beer and Wine Right to Your Door
New 2020 releases on Fort Point Direct.
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If we’re going to be holed up for the next month on curfew, I know I’m not the only one who will need some good cheer at home. The pandemic has created some new delivery services and boozy products, check ‘em out:

If you looked at my recent Sipsend omakase sushi dinner with Ju-Ni, then you should know about this new delivery service that allows you access to the wine collections of restaurants (Birdsong, Gozu, Ju-Ni, Hina), and the awesome wine store, DecantSF. Enter code SIPONE for free delivery on incredible-value wines! Deliveries in SF Wed-Sun, and you can also “ask a somm” for recommendations.

Another new delivery service is from Fort Point, called Fort Point Direct, delivering beer right from their Presidio brewery to anywhere in California, next-day! And if you live in SF, you can get your beer in less than an hour. BEER MAGIC! ($3 flat shipping within SF, $12 flat shipping throughout California.) Their full line-up is available (including their flagship Kolsch-Style-Ale: KSA—which you can get in tallboys), as well as their newest 2020 releases: Sfizio (an Italian-style pilsner), Dipper, Strawberry Darling, and Cool. They’re also offering limited Fort Point Direct exclusive beers—which currently includes their version of the Black is Beautiful Imperial Stout—a multi-brewery national collaboration beer. Cheers!

It was a definite bummer when one of our best bartenders, Jennifer Colliau, had to close her Uptown Oakland bar, Here’s How, due to NIMBY neighbors early this year. But, you can’t keep a talented genie in the bottle, although in this case, you can put some of Colliau’s trademark gimlets into a bottle. Meet Small Hand Cocktails, her new line of already award-winning bottled cocktails, seven in all, that you can pour (over ice, or perhaps stir) and drink. These are the best bottled cocktails I have tasted, they are so bright with citrus and flavor—she is using real ingredients, and not a flavor house. And they are clear and bright—for example, her process of citrus zest infusion and then clarification prevents oxidization.

There’s a Gin-Lime, Vodka-Lime, and Tequila-Grapefruit Gimlet, collect all three (tip: Jennifer says try adding three drops of absinthe to the Gin-Lime Gimlet). The Pineapple Paloma is my personal fave—I loved the tangy-tropical balance of this one, made with tequila, fresh-pressed pineapple juice, pineapple gum syrup, and clarified grapefruit, with a touch of salt—you can also add a splash of Aperol or Campari to change things up. The Marina (vodka, fresh-crushed cucumber, basil, elderflower) is sparkling and crisp and unexpectedly delightful for “a vodka drink.” And the Plum Blossom is a gorgeous highball from salted preserved plum, you gotta try it. Each bottle serves one (highballs) or two (gimlets)—it depends how you serve and drink—and you can find them in this retail location-finder (and on Good Eggs)! Keep some chilled in your fridge for instant gratification. Follow @smallhandcocktails for updates.

One more tip: have you seen the incredible list of to-go cocktails from ~ABV~? From their trademark Gin & Celery (one of my favorite SF cocktails, serves four) to their wonderfully refreshing Mumbai Mule, to a 750ml, wax-sealed bottle of their Fogerty, they have you covered (and they make great holiday gifts). There are even a couple non-alcoholic options, including a zero-proof Negroni!

New 2020 releases on Fort Point Direct.

Some of the new bottled cocktails from Small Hand Cocktails.
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