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Oct 7, 2014 3 min read

Get Your Ticket for a Truly Tablehopping Night (to Mason Pacific, Stones Throw, and Verbena) with Cover, a New Payment App

Get Your Ticket for a Truly Tablehopping Night (to Mason Pacific, Stones Throw, and Verbena) with Cover, a New Payment App
The exterior of the former Mason Pacific. Photo: Nick Vasilopoulos.
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I am very excited to announce a fun tablehopping night on the town in conjunction with Cover, the clever app that allows you to pay and split your bill at participating restaurants without waiting for your server to bring it to you. (More on that in a moment.)

But first, the event’s details! On Wednesday October 29th, we’re going to explore three hot SF restaurants that all use Cover in one night, a total tablehopping feast! We are going to start the night at 6pm at ~MASON PACIFIC~ in their charming bar area, where we’ll begin the evening with some appetizers (trust me, chef Sean McTiernan’s fabulous buttermilk fried chicken will be on the table) and a glass of wine (either a sparkling rosé, or you can choose from the Copain chardonnay or mourvedre/syrah). We’ll leave at 6:45pm and walk about six blocks to our second destination (ladies, be sure to leave the monster heels at home!).

Next stop: 7pm at STONES THROW, where we’ll get chef Jason Halverson’s fantastic grilled octopus okonomiyaki (have you had this dish yet?!) and a couple of other bites and beverages. Delicious. Look at that, it’s 7:45pm! Time to boogie.

Last stop: a short jaunt to ~VERBENA~, where we’ll go upstairs at 8pm to their private mezzanine for chef Sean Baker’s fabulous dessert course (currently being discussed: the Heretic porter cake with candy cap ice cream, pumpkin juice caramel, and Cascade hops), and a paired nightcap from the bar. Cheers!

It’s going to be a very intimate evening, with room for only 16 diners in all. And here’s the best part: since Cover has you covered, the entire night is only $65, all-inclusive (they’re picking up the rest of the bill). I know, sweet!

So, how do you get to go? First, you need to send an email to me, and please say “Cover Dinner” in the subject line. You can only reserve for two people total—please include one or both names you’d like to put down. We’ll need you to download the app, and once we confirm that we have room for you, we’ll email you and let you know you’re in! Your credit card on file with Cover will be charged $65. The event fee is nonrefundable, so don’t flake! (There is the possibility we can find someone else to go in your stead and buy your ticket if you can’t make it after all, but no guarantees. We can discuss.)

If you think you’d like more than one beverage per place, you’ll have the option to purchase additional glasses of wine or cocktails throughout the evening and pay with Cover. Cheers, you partier.

If you’re vegan, have food allergies, or don’t drink, this may not be the best event for you since we will be dining family style—please consider checking out another tablehopper event in the future that will be able to accommodate you better. Thanks!

Here’s one more bonus: have you been curious about Cover but haven’t tried it yet? Well, Cover is offering tablehopper readers a special code for $25 off their first meal with Cover! (Except for this event, which is a separate thing, you sly fox!) Just download the app and use code “tablehopper” for $25 credit at Cover—participating restaurants like the three at our event, and many others (here’s the Bay Area list of restaurants and here’s the New York list). Dine with a friend and you can experience how easy it is to split the bill and tip your server.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to dining with you on the 29th! Cheers!

The exterior of the former Mason Pacific. Photo: Nick Vasilopoulos.

The buttermilk fried chicken at Mason Pacific. Photo: Nick Vasilopoulos.
The bar at Stones Throw. Yelp photo by Michael U.
The grilled octopus okonomiyaki at Stones Throw. Photo: ©
The interior at Verbena. Photo by Carmen Troesser.
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