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Aug 3, 2010 1 min read

Golden West May (Maybe, Perhaps) Open Early Next Week

Golden West May (Maybe, Perhaps) Open Early Next Week
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Financial District workers should be super stoked at some point next week when Dennis Leary’s (Canteen, The Sentinel) ~GOLDEN WEST~ hopefully and officially opens its doors. (Early or late next week? It’s anyone’s guess. I hear the current target is Wednesday.) The take-out bakery and sandwich spot is going to start slowly and carefully, adding an item or two to its repertoire each day (there will also be some hot dishes).

What kinds of dishes? Some sample breakfast items off the provisional menu include brioche with nutella ($2), a bear claw ($3), a ham biscuit ($3), and ratatouille or pork and beans with egg ($4 and $5). For lunch, it looks like there will be a short rib sandwich ($8.50), spicy chicken salad ($8.50), a BBQ eggplant sandwich ($8), a croque-madame ($8.50), and hello there, pho to go ($8.50), featuring ginger broth with brisket, noodles, chili, and cilantro. As a reminder, all items are to go. (Desserts are TBD.) You’ll also be able to perk up with double strength coffee from Mr. Espresso (I have a feeling Dennis will be drinking it like it’s water), and he mentioned there may be a coffee milkshake, or vanilla, as well. Hours will be Mon-Fri 8am-3pm. Just look for the glowing Au sign (the symbol on the periodic table for gold).

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