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Feb 21, 2012 2 min read

Mega Mission Update!

Mega Mission Update!
The New Mission Theater as it stands now. Photo from Facebook.
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The Mission neighborhood is never short on news: first, I was beyond excited to read in Eater about Alamo Drafthouse Cinema proposing to restore and open a theater in the long-abandoned New Mission Theater. I loved the experience I had watching two films at Drafthouse theaters in Austin last year at SXSW (food and drinks are brought to you). There would be five screens (one would be a large screening room), a bar, and a range of films would be screened, from classic to indie to foreign, plus live events. Be sure to look at all the photos posted on Facebook of the interior of the theater—I am thrilled to think of it being restored to its formerly grand self. And this thoughtful letter from Alamo Drafthouse’s founder Tim League only makes me want to have it happen faster! Follow the proposed Alamo Drafthouse at the New Mission on Facebook for more. 2550 Mission St. at 22nd St.

Scoop announces Gus Murad is closing the dining room at MEDJOOL for renovations, but is keeping the roof deck open. Some tipsters on Twitter planted the rumor that the Beretta folks are taking over, and this post on Mission Mission says, “oh it’s true they are! my man is one of the new managers at Beretta. should be awesome.” 2524 Mission St. at 21st St.

On Valencia, LIMON has converted into a Limon Rotisserie, according to the Inside Scoop. Considering the lackluster meal I had there a few weeks ago, I’d say this is a good move. People want the chicken! 524 Valencia St. at 16th St., 415-252-0918.

Mission Loc@l writes a proposed pub, MISSION PUBLIC SF, is in the cards to open on Mission at 15th Street, reportedly serving California beers and small plates. Owner Anthony Shuton first needs to get approval from the Planning Commission to convert the former hair salon into a full-service restaurant. Stand by. 1910 Mission St. at 15th St.

In the “yay, approvals!” category, LOCAL’S CORNER got the go-ahead to open in a former corner store. Construction is nearly complete, and it should be opening for breakfast and lunch (Tue-Sun) soon. The next round of approvals is needed for the 16 outdoor seats and serving beer and wine (which is when dinner would kick in). 2500 Bryant St. at 23rd St.

The New Mission Theater as it stands now. Photo from Facebook.

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