Menu Changes at Mission Chinese Food


Inside the chinito.

The chaps at ~MISSION CHINESE FOOD~ are already up to some changes on the menu, which they are relaunching this Thursday the 29th. I hope you haven’t become too attached to the chinito, because chefs Danny Bowien and Anthony Myint are fired up to make other things. I know, you have like two more days to get your chinito groove on. They’re going to be adding dishes like a tingly lamb noodle soup, a cha shu pork belly, and more vegetarian options, like a Taiwanese eggplant dish, and they’re swapping out the bok choy for some water spinach. Did you know they also make a few off-the-menu salt-and-pepper crabs each night, that come doused in the mapo tofu sauce? I know, demented. (It’s for dine-in only.) Oh, and look for some white wine on the menu, too—whether it will quench the heat in your mouth or not, I cannot say.